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Teleteria Turns 20
Teleteria Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Customer Review For Teleteria and Jay Servidio
Teleteria Reviews
Jay Servidio | Teleteria Inc Review | Teleteria Review | Jay Servidio Review
Jay Servidio Keeps Dreaming
Jay Servidio A Look Back
AVN Online - Dream Weavers: Teleteria Makes Internet Dreams Come True.
AVN Online magazine's interview with Jay Servidio about
AVN Online - Start Me Up - Teleteria Provides a Helping Hand to Newbie Webmasters
AVN Online magazine's (September 2001) interview with Jay Servidio about
Wall Street Journal - Site Seer: For Thriving Dot-Com, One Hot Market Isn't What It Brags About
Page 1 Wall Street Journal article on Keen, Inc., which includes it's relationship with Teleteria to startup the adult content for their company.
Pay Per View
On the net, sex is recession-proof.
AVN Online - Host With The Most
AVN Online article on Teleteria's Turn-Key service and hosting features.
From XXX to $$$
An article about Jay Servidio's Learning Annex Seminar on how to get started and make profits in the Adult Internet Industry.
Erotica USA
An article about Teleteria's presence at the Erotica USA show in New York.
Site Builders Tips
An article written by Jay Servidio for the IA2000 magazine on tips for constructing a profitable web site.
AVN Online - Will War Be Good or Bad for Business?
An AVN Article about the side effects of War. Jay Servidio offers his views on the situation.